How to Choose a Landscape Rake:

What Width 3pt. Hitch Root Rake do you need for Your Tractor?

Most Tractor Root Rake implements have an angle adjustment on them and come in 60", 72", 84", and 96" widths. Think of it like this:
60" Rake = Subcompact Tractors ------- 72" Rake = Compact Tractors
84" Rake = Full Size Tractors ------------ 96" Rake = Large Tractors

Popular Landscape Rake Features
  • Gauge Wheels - This option allows for tractors without a good position lift to lower the rake down and have it ride at a predetermined height adjustment located on the gauge wheels.

  • Reversible Rake - This is important if you plan to push debris into a pile by driving your tractor in reverse.

  • Quick Hitch Compatible - A lot of tractor owners have upgraded to the iMatch or Speeco quick hitch for ease of connection. If you have either quick hitch, only certain rakes designated as "Quick Hitch Compatible" will work with your tractor.

  • Easy Tine Replacement - Be sure to check on the availability of tines and there cost before you buy. You will break tines, so you might want to buy a couple when you purchase your landscape rake.

  • Kick Stand - There are models available that have the kick stand built in to the rake. Makes hook up a lot easier.

  • Strong Hitch Design - Good welds, and plenty of steel are two things to look for in this area of the design. Needs to be able to withstand pulling roots and rocks with the tines.
Tine Replacement

Availability and Price

Depending on which brand of Tractor Landscape rake your buy, you may need to investigate the availability of replacement tines. Odds are that if you use your Landscape rake enough, you will break some tines. This should be considered as wearable parts and it is a real good idea to buy some extra when you purchase your root rake to eliminate any possible down time in the field.

Another good suggestion is to make sure that they are available and in stock on an Internet Storefront.

tractor landscaping rake

Optional Gauge Wheel Photo

Where to purchase online

Large Free Shipping Zone offers more than 1500 different attachments and implements on their website, and several different models of Landscape Rake models to choose from.

They have been in business since 1946, they are a family owned company where MADE IN USA still means something and are based in North Carolina.

Need help sizing or choosing a good rake? Give them a call or use their online chat and expect to receive great customer service from a friendly and knowledgable sales staff.

If you need pointers, just visit their huge How To Video Library.